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66% off the EDIUS Macro generator

There is a “Black Friday” offer on EDIUS Macro generator.

The EDIUS Macro generator is an add-on for EDIUS which lets you automate many task inside of EDIUS. It comes with many presets and you can design your own. You can currently get Macro Generator for ⅓ its normal price – so it currently costs €49, on a “Black Friday” offer. To find out more about Macro Generator and to order visit: http://www.macrogenerator.net/.

On the website you can see some tutorials showing what Macro generator can do and get a trial version. It is not Black Friday yet but you can order now at the offer price. The offer ends on Sunday 25th.

One comment on my Facebook page from a customer who ordered the add-on is:

“I downloaded the trial version and found it really useful, being able to change a speed of clip to 50%, 25% or 75% with just one click for example is really quick and useful the trial version doesn’t support voice commands so I upgraded on the offer yesterday and voice commands is just brilliant being able apply a voice command to any macro gives you so much control, I can just sit there and say ‘play’, ‘stop’, ‘cut’ etc it gives you hand and arm a rest, I had carpal tunnel surgery on my wrist in September so these software is brilliant for me, well worth it with the black Friday offer. Walter Iermano from MacroGenerator for EDIUS, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve has been really helpful in his emails. So don’t delay get it today.”