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Apply for your EDIUS plus serial number now!

If you bought EDIUS 9 after 13th September 2019 then you are eligible for a free upgrade to EDIUS 10 when it arrives. There is now a place where you can apply for your “EDIUS Plus” serial number: https://www.edius.net/plus?fbclid=IwAR3P1Gki77o34mn8E2fM-IHGNFAW-mjaAtPdtNn1jlb5rf9cu8ykQv2L9Fo

The cut off date is 30th September 2020.

We do not know when EDIUS 10 is arriving but if you qualify I would definitely apply for your new serial number now, just to make sure you get it. As with most promotions if you forget and miss the deadline then you will miss out on getting the free upgrade. Obviously we have some way to go before we get to 30th September 2020 but there is no harm in applying now. If you get the new serial number it will run both EDIUS 9 and EDIUS 10 when it arrives.

We do not have any more information on what will be in EDIUS 10 but given then end date for applications is in September I would guess we would see the new version around IBC time, in September, assuming there will be an IBC this year!