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Cleaning up old video with EDIUS, Neat Video and StaxRip

I have just uploaded a new video to YouTube. In this video I talk about how I use EDIUS, Neat Video and a free program called StaxRip to take old noisey Hi8 video and use it in a modern YouTube video.
This is the first in a series of 3 videos. The 2nd video, which I will publish next week, talks about how I use an AI upscaling program called Topaz Video Enhance to do clean up the same video. You may ask why I did not just do a video using Topaz instead of the one with Neat Video.
Firstly, when using either Topaz or EDIUS/Neat Video for upscaling, I still deinterlace first using the free program StaxRip which I think does the best deinterlacing of any program I have used.
Secondly, up until I bought Topaz, I was very happy with the results from Neat Video and EDIUS, and I know a lot of customers have Neat Video and do not want to pay out for another program.
There is also a section in the video where I talk about covering up dropouts in the original Hi8 with EDIUS.
My 3rd video in this series will be about how I do the same kind of thing using DaVinci Resolve with StaxRip and Topaz, rather than EDIUS, for anyone who is editing in Resolve. Resolve Studio also includes another couple of nice touch up filters which EDIUS does not have.
The other thing included in this video is how I take an edit and trim it to just the sections used on the timeline, by exporting an AAF, ready for processing. This is useful to get footage out of EDIUS into any program.
You can see my first video here: https://youtu.be/cbfg6H7zLvQ. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when the others are available, although I will also be posting here when they are released.