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EDIUS 10.31 is released

The latest update for EDIUS came out today and has a few useful changes. The main one is for owners of 11th and 12th Generation processors with Quick Sync – you will probably have one of these processors if you bought a computer in the last year or so.

Up to now, using Quick Sync on one of these processors has caused EDIUS to crash, and this update solves this issue and means you can use Quick Sync assist on playback again.

This version also now supports footage from the GoPro Hero 10. A couple of new small useful options have also been added so you can now pause the background rendering service from and icon on the task bar and you can tell EDIUS to release a Blackmagic or other hardware preview device when the program is minimised – without this EDIUS hogs the Blackmagic card so you can’t use it with another program unless you shut down EDIUS.
If you have the Pro version it should be prompting you to update and for Workgroup users go to the help menu and choose “check for updates”
You can read more about this update here: https://forum.grassvalley.com/forum/editors/editing-with-edius/570700-edius-update-10-31-8487