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EDIUS subscription is now available

This was announced when EDIUS X was released but now you can rent EDIUS just as you can with Premiere and Avid. You can only do this directly from Grass Valley currently from their webstore: https://store.grassvalley.com/edius-x.html

It is £14.74 for the pro version and £21.67 for Workgroup.

This does not mean that Grass Valley is ditching the permanent licence and going for rental, like Adobe, rather they are giving it as an option for people who want to rent. The rental version does not have the bonus software (audio plug-ins etc), you cannot make DVD or Blu-ray, you can only activate it on one computer at a time and the computer must be permanently on the internet for EDIUS to work. There are therefore quite a few disadvantages compared to having a permanent licence.

However, if you just needed the software for a month or two, or for budgetary reasons it is better to pay monthly, it may be a decent option.

The prices above are for committing to a year for rental. If you want to rent for just one month it is slightly more expensive.