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Windows 11 install fun

Recently a couple of customers have asked if they could update their fairly new computers to Windows 11. In both cases Windows update said they could not run Windows 11, but in both cases there was a BIOS update to let them do so. After updating the BIOS you would hope it would be plain sailing but unfortunately it wasn’t.

On one machine, with 10th generation processor, I tried to update Windows 10 to Windows 11 via Windows update. After much computing and downloading Windows gave up and went back to Windows 10 with an error. I wiped the machine and installed Windows 11 instead.
With the second machine, that has a Skylake X processor, after updating the BIOS I could not get back into Windows 10 at all, as it continually blue screened. The Blue Screen was caused by the fact that the “trusted platform module” had been enabled – this is the very thing that needs to be enabled so that you can installed Windows 11. However, after so many attempts at restarts and repairs, even when this was turned off I could not get back into Windows 10. The solution is to install Windows 11 from scratch.

So the lesson from this is make sure you back up everything on your C drive before you try to update just in case everything goes horribly wrong, and don’t be surprised if things don’t get smoothly!

Of course, if you want to go to Windows 11 I can do this for you and solve whatever problems occur but I will probably need your machine for a few days and do a completely fresh install to get it right!