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EDIUS X second preview

EDIUS.NET has released the second preview of EDIUS-X features.  This section mainly concentrates on 4 new audio plug-ins which have been made by another company for EDIUS X.  These plug-ins are:

  • Noise reduction – an automatic noise reduction filter.
  • Audio gate – remove all sound below a specified level.
  • Compressor – “even out” the sound – making loud parts quieter and quiet parts louder.
  • De-reverb – remove the echo in a sound.

Here is the full video

EDIUS X will be available in September.  If you buy EDIUS 9 now you will get a licence to run EDIUS X when it arrives.  We do not know for sure if you will get these extra audio plug-ins by buying EDIUS X now, or whether they are a “bundled” add-on that will ship with new licences.  We probably won’t find this out until EDIUS X is actually here.