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Pinnacle Studio 22 has been released

I normally concentrate on the more professional/expensive programs but it is amazing how far the “simpler” programs have developed in the last few years.  Pinnacle have just released Studio 22, the latest edition of their editing program and it is packed with an amazing amount of features.  In their blurb they sat “professional calibre tools” and they do have multi-camera, 360 and 3D editing, and multiple layers with projects inside of projects as well as an interface packed full of good stuff.  The latest update adds 3 & 4 point editing, new colour grading tools, including the ability to load LUTs, 3D objects in titles and a lot more.

Studio comes in 3 variations – standard, plus and Ultimate, with the major difference between them being what resolution they can edit (the lower ones only work at up to HD) and the range of extras.  The most popular is the Ultimate version which retails at £114.95 inc VAT, although there are normally special offers going on which let you buy it at around £79.

In a marketing email received today I was offered the Ultimate version at £79 via this link: http://link.em.pinnaclesys.com/u.d?sHy_fatoZio6_8qvLyUfTuzXaUgVbmDWkKv7MaDV8K0=.enc

And the plus version at £59 via this link: http://link.em.pinnaclesys.com/u.d?EQq1DVy02GdLFEXuHu1HHOdI9MjoAv0so7SVbRoL_f8=.enc

Unfortunately there does not seem to be a trial version so you can see what has changed in the program, but having used Pinnacle Studio 21 recently I have to say I was quite surprised at how like programs like Premiere and EDIUS it was.

I will still use the more expensive/professional programs myself because:

  • I am used to them.
  • I like to see the results of my edit on a proper TV via a Blackmagic device which you cannot do with Studio.
  • I can now move the windows of Studio around more than I used to so I can get it over two screens but it is not as flexible as other programs.
  • There are no options for things like AAF and XML exports to other programs like Resolve and After Effects
  • It does not support some professional formats that I use.

However, I have to say I am amazed at how much it now has in it compared to the early days and how much more like “professional” programs it has become!

You can read more about Studio here: https://www.pinnaclesys.com/en/products/studio/