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Updating your VisTitle to a digital licence

As mentioned in a previous post VisTitle are changing from using a dongle to a digital licence and if you want to keep your VisTitle up to date then you need to switch to a digital licence now.

I have just swapped over my licence. I had an issue when installing that it would not accept my serial number but this was simply solved by downloading the latest installer. I originally downloaded VisTitle 2.8 when I first found out about the new licence arrangement and an issue was found for some people where the original installer would not accept the serial number. There is an updated installer which fixes this. So if you have a similar problem just download the latest installer.

The new digital licence will let you install VisTitle on 2 machines – although the licence is that you only use it on one at a time. You can deactivate it and activate on another machine whenever you need to. There is no limit to this but if you are doing it a lot in a month then the licence may get locked and you would need to contact VisTitle to reactivate the number. This is the same as most digital licences and more generous than some.

The biggest change is that you can now use VisTitle in Premiere, EDIUS and Avid. Previously you had to buy a different dongle for each program. To get VisTitle in all of these programs you only need to install version 2.8 -which works with both dongle and serial number.

You need to make sure you get a digital licence because then you will also be able to get any future updates. You have until the end of October this year to get your digital licence.
If you don’t have VisTitle I will hopefully be arranging to sell it off my website shortly.