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VisTitle 2.8 released

Version 2.8 of VisTitle has been released. This new version adds some new templates but the biggest thing is that VisTitle will be moving away from a Dongle and using a serial number instead.

If you have a dongle you need to apply for a serial number before the end of October this year or get stuck on the version of VisTitle that you have now. You will need a copy of your invoice when applying. If you bought your copy of VisTitle from DVC I should be able to supply a copy if you cannot find it. Just email me at david@dvctraining.co.uk.

The other good news is that you will be able to buy VisTitle on-line from now on which means it will be easier for people to upgrade and get new copies. The fact that they have set this up also implies there will be some improvement on VisTitle as well. I used to sell VisTitle under old DVC but have not had any contact with them since I closed DVC last year, so this is the first I have heard about this today.

EDIUS 9 now comes with a free version of NewBlue Titler Pro 5 which does animated titles, but VisTitle has more options, and is much better at realtime playback and IMO is better than NewBlue, but obviously not free.

You can read more here: http://www.hkvisdom.com/index.php/vistitle-version-2-8-0-0/