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NAB 2019 is coming – Adobe release new versions of their Apps already

NAB, the large US video show, starts in a few days, so I am expecting quite a few big announcements.
Adobe have today released updates for all their video applications which includes a new “freeform” project panel for Premiere Pro and “content aware fill” for After Effects. The updates have just appeared for me in my Creative Cloud application.

Of course, whether you should upgrade immediately or wait and see if any major issues are reported is another question. Being a fiddler I will update straight away.

Avid have released a small update for Media Composer, version 2018.12.3, which fixes a few bugs. Last year they started dating their releases with the year, month and version number, so the August release is 2018.8, for example, which I thought was a great way of helping people work out when things change. Then they completely messed up the numbering system this year by insisting on calling all versions released this year 2018.12.X. Does this mean they were holding back on calling it 2019 because a huge update is being announced soon? Actually I have no idea but you never know.

Blackmagic are bound to announce some new things – probably DaVinci Resolve 16 with a new “coffee making panel”, because they have bought Starbucks and decided to add it to Resolve.

I have not heard if Grass Valley will show anything new off but will post here if there is some big announcement either at the end of the week – when the show starts – or next Monday when the exhibition part gets underway.
Hopefully, there will be lots of exciting things and absolutely no mention or Brexit.