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Vistitle deadline extended

VisDOM, who sell VisTitle, have just told me that they have extended their deadline for converting your VisTitle dongle into a digital licence to the 31st December.  It was set to run out at the end of October.  They have done this because a lot of people were registering at the last minute so they think some people may not have heard the news and may miss out.

As per previous news items, VisTitle is changing from using a dongle to a digital licence.  You can convert for free, all you need to do is visit this web page: http://www.hkvisdom.com/index.php/vistitle-version-2-8-0-0/?fbclid=IwAR2OzeROP1dp4VeUxhOIi8w_eOjWrtmfn9dMeIULTuqu1erS49o0zYj6qS8 .  You have to get the serial number and a copy of the invoice from when you bought the item and email it to them.

If you do not update your VisTitle will carry on working but you will not be able to use versions after version 2.8.  The process if free so there really is no reason not to do this.

At the same time they released version 2.8 which has a few updates but mainly lets you use the serial numbers instead of the dongle -although the dongle will still work with this version if you prefer to use that for now.  To get version 2.8  you need to make an account with VisDOM – using the boxes at the bottom of the page mentioned above, and then you can download it.  Version 2.8 will also work in Avid and Premiere Pro using the same licence.