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EDIUS 10.21

Grass Valley have released an update for EDIUS. 10.21 is mainly a selection of bug fixes. in the release notes it has very little under new features although it does say “support subscription based licenses” – Yes EDIUS now has a subscription option just like Premiere, Avid and Vegas!

I have been assured that this does not mean they will be getting rid of the permanent licence (like Adobe) and, in fact, they still think this is the way the majority of people will buy EDIUS. However, they had been asked for a subscription option and have decided to offer one. I believe the subscription is only available direct from GV and won’t have all the same extras as the permanent licence.

You can read the announcement and see the change PDF here: https://forum.grassvalley.com/forum/editors/editing-with-edius/568022-10-21-8061
This is also not a version which has been designed for Windows 11 (its Windows 10 only) and the does not have any changes to make it better utilise 11th and 12th generation processors – this version is coming later in the year.