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EDIUS 10.33.9453 released

GV have released a small update for EDIUS X. 10.33.9453 fixes a couple of small bugs – a couple of which only affect users who are not using EDIUS in English.
There is also an extra message that appears if the background rendering service is not working. Another “bug” is that when you try to get EDIUS to open Windows explorer and reveal a clip you have in the bin sometimes explorer would open but stay behind EDIUS. Now it should come to the front. I have had this a lot but I did not think it was an EDIUS problem as it also happened to me doing a similar thing in Resolve. However, if it can be fixed I am all for it.

EDIUS Pro will prompt you to download the update. For EDIUS Workgroup the simplest thing is to go to the help menu and say “check for updates”.

I have not tried it yet myself as it just popped up but GV updates are normally good.

Information on the fixes is here: https://www.ediusworld.com/DownloadsForEdiusX.html?targetlang=en