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EDIUS 9.3 information

EDIUS.NET has released a video showing the new features in EDIUS 9.3. This update will be available on the 17th September – next Monday.

The main new features are:

  • Coloured markers and XML marker list export
  • Better quality optical flow with a variety of options (probably the best improvement from my point of view)
  • Displaying 50/60P timecode properly in a 50P project.
  • Closed caption display. This is not the ability to make closed captions, just the ability to display them if they are embedded in a file and then pass that through to the final export.
  • GPU support for decoding RED footage.

I plan to do a video showing my own version of the new features next week, but this video does show them all of pretty well.

You can see the video here: https://youtu.be/NLs38sOjAYQ