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Get a VisTitle swap from a dongle to a serial number now!

If you missed out on the chance to get a digital version of your Vistitle licence you have another chance. VisTitle stopped using Dongles and moved over to serial numbers a year or so ago and for several months you could get your licence swapped for free.

You need to move to a serial number licence in order to get updates to VisTitle.

EDIUS X requires an updated VisTitle so unless you swap to a serial number licence you will not be able to update to the new version of VisTitle that will work with EDIUS X when it arrives.

It is free and the process is fairly painless so please do it now while you have the chance.

Below is the email VisTitle have been sending to customers:

To grab the last chance of the free conversion, please send your VisTitle dongle version SN and purchase proof to support@hkvisdom.com .

To get VisTitle dongle version serial number:

  • Run VisTitle as standalone
  • After enter into VisTitle, press Ctrl+F1 to get about dialog
  • Click Copy to get the software serial number.

Offer available from Sept. 21, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2020.