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Vitascene 3LE free with EDIUS 9

If you buy EDIUS 9 between 14th September 2018 and 31st December 2018 you will get Vitascene 3LE free.  Vitascene is a plug-in which gives you lots of glow and sparkle effects, film looks, and many interesting ways of adjusting your image.  The full version of Vitascene is $599, whilst the LE version is normally $199 to buy.

Vitascene used to ship with EDIUS 6, so you may already be familiar with the plug-in.

To get the free version all you need to do is to order EDIUS 9 between the above dates and then visit this page : https://www.edius.net/promo, and enter your EDIUS serial number.  You will be given a Vitascene serial number and a download link.

This offer is available if you buy ANY version of EDIUS  – Pro, Workgroup, upgrade, jump upgrade or educational.

Offer for people who have already bought EDIUS 9

If you have already bought EDIUS 9 you can get the LE plug-in for £42 inc VAT.  You can order it here: http://www.dvctraining.co.uk/shop/vitascene-3le-for-edius-9-special-offer/

What is the difference between Vitascene 3 full and LE?

VitaScene V3 PRO VitaScene V3 LE
Number of Effects Around 700 Over 100
Detail setting for effects Yes No
Key frames Yes Yes
Pinnacle Studio Plugin Yes No
Magix VDL Plugin Yes No
Adobe Plugin Yes Yes
Vegas PRO Plugin Yes Yes
Avid Plugin Yes Yes
Corel Plugin Yes Yes
Grass Valley EDIUS Plugin Yes Yes