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VisTitle 3.0 full version EDIUS X/9 and others – €258.80, £235.07

The best, most comprehensive titler for EDIUS.

€258.80, £235.07



The strength of VisTitle lies in the range of possibilities that the software offers as a plug-in for EDIUS. VisTitle offers a clear menu structure and presets, so you can immediately start being creative – even when your are new to the software. Advanced users can adjust all settings accordingly to their individual needs and create complex compositions. With VisTitle you can not only create subtitles or rolling titles but also complex 3D animations. Since VisTitle was designed for EDIUS it can be integrated seamlessly and guarantees an ideal workflow.

VisTitle is like a mini After Effects for graphics. There is a lot in the program so, although it ships with many pre-made animated templates which you can use without any knowledge.

Mini Vistitle

There is also a mini version which opens when you double click on an exisiting title on the timeline in EDIUS.  With this you can change basics such as the text and type face, and then return to EDIUS.  This makes creating titles based on the template very easy – just copy the title on the timeline (drag and hold ctrl like any clip in EDIUS).  Open the title and change the words, then choose save as and a new title with the same look etc as the first is made.

Realtime performance

One of the strengths of VisTitle is that it can play back many titles without any rendering.  Of course, it depends on your computer and graphics card but I find most things I do (I work mainly in HD) play back with no caching or rendering.  This makes creating titles with VisTitle very quick.

Why does is not say for EDIUS 11 in the title?

This version would work in EDIUS 11 but as EDIUS 11 ships with VisTitle Express you should buy the upgrade from Express to Full.  It is the same thing but cheaper.

Optional plug-ins for VisTitle 3

There are five additional plug-ins available to make complex animations easier to create.

  • 3D particles
    My favourite of the plug-ins – this supports different kinds of particle emitters, such as point emitter, line emitter, rectangle emitter, circle emitter, box emitter, sphere emitter and so on. It also supports 3D transforming based on keyframes. Single or multiple particle streams can be included – and everything with a real-time preview.
  • Handwriting
    Simplifies the animation of self  made strokes and contours. Keyframes can be set to adjust the radius and contours of the strokes – including cubic bezier.
  • Karaoke
    A great tool for everyone who produces Karaoke videos and knows about the difficulties to keep music and subtitles in sync. This plug-in supports the import of lyric text files as well as mp3 and wav audio files and displays the waveform in the audio track. It also allows to set titles while listening to the timeline at the same time – of course in real-time.
  • 2D Path to 3D
    Extrude any Bezier curve in Z direction to create 3D objects, especially used for 3D particle objects. Supports depth parameters, bevel effects with adjustable parameters and many more.
  • 3D Chart
    The 3D Chart plug-in can be used to create 2D/3D chart animations, including cylinder, pie graph etc. The chart data can be adjusted via keyframes on the timeline. Supports 3D light and 3D chart animations based on keyframes.

This item is the full version without extra plug-ins.  If you want the above 5 plug-ins as well then add this product to the basket:

Upgrade from VisTitle 1 or dongle version

VisTitle originally shipped with a USB dongle to activate the licence.  A few years ago they changed to a serial number version.  There are upgrades for both types if users:

If you have a dongle version click here:

I you have a serial number version click here

You can see a large range to tutorials on my YouTube channel about using VisTitle: VisTitle Tutorials – DVC Training

The best, most comprehensive titler for EDIUS.

€258.80, £235.07


Why have prices in Euro?

You are buying from the EU distributors based in Germany, with support from me in the UK, and all their prices in Euro.  It is possible for me to change the prices in the basket to be in GB pounds, but the conversion is done by the webshop software and the rate is not favourable.  If you buy using a UK credit card in Euro your credit card company will do the conversion for you and the price will be cheaper than if you change the webshop to display GBP.  Unfortunately, this does make things a little more complicated and you won’t know the exact UK price you are paying until you get your credit card bill but it will work out cheaper than choosing GBP from the webshop software.   A rough approximation of the UK cost, done at the exchange rate that was available when I wrote this page is written above.   If you prefer to pay in GBP then click the “order in UK pounds” button.

To order simply click on the button to order EDIUS, and on the next page add EDIUS to a basket and order. You will be charge VAT at the UK VAT rate and get a proper VAT invoice. You will get your license and serial number with a download link, directly after your payment, so you can start working immediately.

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