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EDIUS 9 OFX bridge released

Grass Valley have released the EDIUS 9 version of the OFX bridge. This lets you use OFX plug-ins inside EDIUS; it does not come with its own effects, apart from a couple NewBlue include for free, so is mainly of use if you actually own some OFX plug-ins.

However, it also comes with a version of NewBlue Titler Pro 5, which is an animated titling program and more powerful than the built-in Quick Titler. Also, as mentioned earlier this month, the version that comes with the OFX bridge is actually unlimited, so will not time out, like the version that used to come with EDIUS 8. Many people may download the OFX bridge not for the Bridge but for Titler Pro.

This OFX bridge is only for owners of EDIUS 9 – it works with either the Pro or Workgroup version. It is not for owners of EDIUS 8; the EDIUS 8 OFX bridge will stay as it is.

It is not available from the normal Grass Valley website, or from NewBlue FX. Instead you need to log on to you EDIUS ID page, find the news page and click on the link about the bridge being released. This will lead you to a PDF about the bridge which has the download link inside it.

The EDIUS ID page is here: https://ediusid1.grassvalley.com/mypage/1

If you installed the Pro version of EDIUS 9 you will have had to make an EDIUS ID when doing so. If you installed the Workgroup version you will have been able to do so without making an EDIUS ID and will have to make one, however, it is worth making an EDIUS ID anyway because it means that Grass Valley have a record of your serial number which may help with future problems/re-installation etc of the software. It is also pretty easy to do but if any DVC customers have a problem setting one up just let me know through here or via email.

In my last post about the bridge I say I would try to make some quick tutorials on using NewBlue Titler Pro, which I intend to do, but with just a week to go, these will not be made before Christmas. These will be out in the new year.