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I currently updating my EDIUS tutorial and decided to edit some sections in Premiere Pro, just for a bit of variety. I did my section titles in After Effects, making proper title templates and putting them in my library. Half way through I upgraded to CC2019 and immediately came across two problems with my titles.

Firstly the type face of my AE titles has changed from my usual “impact” to something else meaning all the titles used in my project now have the wrong type face and there is no way of fixing it apart from doing all of them again. This has come up on the Adobe forums and appears to be a known issue – graphic templates made in AE 2018 forget their font in 2019.

I kept CC2018 on my main system and expect to be able to just re-open my old project in that and export from there with correct titles only to find they now did not work properly either!

Obviously this is just a good lesson in “don’t upgrade Premiere in the middle of a project”.
My second issue is with the lens flares which travel across the screen. There are not part of the AE title but bitmaps which are put on tracks in Premiere above the title. In CC2019 these do not render and when you play them the screen goes black. If you scrub across them they appear ok. The only two solutions I have found for this are:

  • Remake them completely, because if I start from scratch and do the same thing they work, or
  • Turn off the Adobe Mercury Playback GPU engine and work just in CPU mode.
    Since it seemed to be GPU related I did wonder if it was something to do with the fact that Adobe have now said the minimum specification for the GPU engine is a graphics card with 4GB RAM, which I do not have on this system. However, I tried it out on a system with a 6GB nVidia 1060, and the same thing happens.

If you have just upgraded and has similar problems maybe this will help.