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Premiere Pro CC2019 and friends are released

Adobe showcased their latest versions at the IBC show last month and they are now “live”.  This is the second major update of the year and adds significant new features which include better grading with the Lumetri colour panel, a couple of new audio filters – DeNoise and DeReverb – as well as expanded format support and support for more hardware acceleration on MACs ( you could already accelerate H.264 encoding and playback on the right kind of PC).

You can see a short list of the new features of Premiere here: https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/premiere/features.html

The grading changes are great because you get better control over all aspects and can easily use two or three Lumetri colour effects on one clip.  The new audio filters are really welcome.  In my own quick tests the DeNoise was a significant improvement – the previous DeNoiser was fairly useless – and the DeReverb actually did manage to minimise echo on recorded sound.  Doing so does add “artefact”, of course, so still would not beat putting a decent mike right next to someone, but it did manage to clean up  some sound I had previously though was unusable.

My understanding was that the new version would only work on the latest Mac O/s and on Windows 10 – although I cannot immediately see any information on this on the “what’s new” pages. If you have Windows 8 or Windows 7 it may not install, or possibly, will not show up on the list of software that could be installed.  As my machines are on Windows 10 I cannot test this currently.

If installing straight away I would also recommend going into the advanced options during install and ticking “keep previous versions” just in case some massive bugs appear when the general public gets to use the new version.

The new versions should appear in your Adobe application manager ready to update right now.

Dave Helmly always does good videos on the new features of Premiere and you can see his video on the new features here:

You can see the system requirements for Premiere Pro CC2019 here: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/system-requirements.html

This does list the minimum Windows o/s required as Windows 10 version 1709 or later.  It also says you need 16GB RAM and 4GB of RAM on the graphics card .  I actually use it on a system which has only 1GB RAM on the GPU and have not had problems so far.  It is also listing the minimum processor as an Intel 6th generation CPU – which are the Skylake processors, released towards the end of 2015.  These are listed as Minimum specs, not recommended, which is quite surprising to be honest as it is implying anyone with a machine bought before 2015 won’t be ale to use Premiere Pro CC2019!