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Microsoft pause rolling out October 2018 update

Microsoft recently began rolling out the next big update for Windows 10 (version 1809), but have had to halt it because some users found a bug where it would delete files without telling you!

Ever 6 months Microsoft roll out a big update of Windows 10 which adds in new features, The regular weekly updates generally fix small bug. The big update does not go out to everyone at the same time – they roll it out to PCs slowly so that not everyone is upgrading at the same time, so with any luck you will not have had this on your system yet.

With Windows 10 you cannot stop it updating, if it is connected to the Internet. With Windows 10 Pro you can go into the settings (update & security – Windows update – Advanced options) and select the option to pause updates for 35 days, but you can’t stop it forever.

I have a few computers here and none of them have had this update. Now it is paused until they fix the problem so as long as your machine has not been updated already it should not be a problem.

Avid have already said do not update to this new version of Windows, even if you get the chance. They have not validated it for use with Media Composer yet. I have not seen the same from any other editing software suppliers so far. With any big update there is always the possibility of a problem. If you have the current version of any software it will be updated to work properly if there is a problem, but if using older versions you can never quite be sure what is going to happen.