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VisTitle Plug-ins Package €82.80, £77.60

Add VisTitle plug-ins to the full version of VisTitle.

€82.80, £77.60


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These five optional plugins are sold separately as VisTitle Plugins Package.  They work inside VisTitle and vastly extend it’s capabilities.  If you own VisTitle without plug-ins you can try them out just by selecting the plug-in from the drop down list.  You have 10 uses before the trial will finish.

If you own VisTitle 2 with plug-ins, activated using a serial number and not a dongle, and you pay to update to Vistitle 3 full version (not express) you do not need to buy the plug-ins again.  The serial number for the plug-ins from V2 will make them work in V3.  Your plug-ins will not work in the VisTitle Express – the version that comes with EDIUS 11.

3D Particles

  • Support kinds of particle emitters, such as point emitter, line emitter, rectangle emitter, circle emitter, box emitter, sphere emitter and so all.
  • Particle emitter support 3D transform based on key-frame.
  • Allow single emitter and super emitter. Emitter may include multiple particle streams.
  • User can define particle parameters and adjust key-frames of emitter, particle, particle stream, etc.
  • All editors work on a simple “WYSIWYG” basis. Showing real-time preview effect.
  • Equipped with more than a hundreds of particle templates, double click to apply.
  • More than one hundred of particle images and particle sequence images templates.
  • Powerful timeline key-frame editor, supporting key-frame curve adjustment in graphics mode.


  • Simplify the animation effect creating process of every stroke by customer-defining the skeleton and contour of each stroke.
  • Draw unlimitedly the Cubic Bezier skeleton and contour of stroke.
  • Set key-frame interpolation to adjust stroke radius along with stroke contour.
  • Set key-frame interpolation to change the play speed of stroke.
  • Arrange stroke animation upon timeline, and support key-frame curve adjustment in graphic mode.
  • Edit different colours for every stroke or using original colour.

2D Path to 3D

  • Extrude any Bezier curve in Z direction to make 3D objects, used in making particular 3D objects mostly.
  • Depth parameter adjustment.
  • Bevel effect with adjustable parameters.
  • Curving control parameters.
  • Assign different materials to front, bevel, side, and back.
  • Supports multiple lights.


  • Support importing and replacement of lyric text.
  • Support importing of MP3 or Wav audio as well as waveform display in audio track.
  • Set title in/out time quickly by listening and patting (keyboard) at the same time.
  • Adjust in/out time upon timeline for accuracy.
  • Show preview effect on “WYSIWYG” basis.
  • Support single-line or double-line arrangement as well as lyric mark and warning animation.
  • Support customer-defined templates of karaoke text playing effect

3D Chart

  • 3D Chart Plugin is used to create 2D/3D chart animations, including cylinder, pie graph etc.
  • Chart data key frame animation based on timeline, support key-frame curve adjustment.
  • Has chart elements including axis, axis plane, legend, title etc., with controllable parameters to realize different chart effect.
  • Support 3D light and provide default 3D light template.
  • Support chart key-frame animation in 3D space.

€82.80, £77.60


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